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Connecting to GMC Vehicle

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I have ordered a Pixel 3 and I need it to connect with my 2020 GMC which already has the Pandora App installed from the factory.. Will they work together wireless and I am just doing something wrong? Please Help if you can.. When I log in on the GMC Pandora app, I sign in, insert my password and "Connecting" comes up and just runs a circle for ever if I let it.. I will say when I go to setting under "Terms: it states this info has been moved. Is this a software issue... But the wheel keeps spinning..  Please help if you can.. Tim

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Thanks for posting to community @c10dores!

Your GMC has an integrated Pandora app, so you won't need to connect your phone to your car in order to listen in your GMC. 

I do see that your Pandora account has been associated with your GMC. I've asked our User Support team to remove this connection and I'd like for you to go ahead and try to reconnect Pandora on your GMC. 

Let me know if you're still seeing the connection message coming up. 👍🏻

Tanner | Community Moderator

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