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GMC/Android: No sound

Local Performer

Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 paired to my 2014 GMC Sierra pickup.

I can connect to pandora and it shows it is playing on my trucks media screen but there is no sound. I tried adjusting volume, but still no sound. Can you help?

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Hi @Slthatcher welcome to community! Sorry for the trouble in your GMC.

I had some follow up questions around your experience when trying to connect in your GMC:

  • Are you connected via Bluetooth or USB?
  • When connected to your GMC do you see an Accessory screen on your phone or are you still able to control playback through your phone?
  • What Pandora version are you on? Let me know if you need help finding this.

Thanks for the help!

Tanner | Community Moderator

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I have an iphone and a Toyota it may be different for me , try and forget
the device from your vehicle then reconnect it.
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