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GMC - No sound when connected

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Just got a new Android phone and I'm having trouble with the Pandora app in my 2015 GMC pickup everything plays perfectly through the auxiliary app but when I put it on the Pandora app in my truck everything works perfectly except there's no sound seems like many people have had this problem I'm just curious what is the fix if anybody knows please help me out thank you

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Hi @Musicman100!

To clarify, are you able to connect with the integrated Pandora app, select a track, and it appears to play but now sound comes through the speaker?

Is your mobile device connected to your vehicle during this time, or disconnected?

Keep in mind, the Pandora integration in GMC vehicles is powered by a Wi-Fi Hotspot built into your vehicle. I would recommend checking that this hotspot is active and streaming properly.

Let me know.


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