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How to avoid putting my pin in every time I want to skip or thumb up a song while driving


Not long ago, it was awesome when I was driving and connected to my USB in the car, I would just swipe the screen to thumb up or skip a song and wouldn't have to put my pin in to unlock my screen every time. It was a setting that I can't find now and it's really annoying. It's bad enough your stations refuse to play new music and I get the same bands and songs on different stations, (I should not get the same music on both the Beyonce station as the Tom Petty station) but now I have to put my pin in every time I want to switch anything on Pandora which is extremely annoying and dangerous when you're trying to drive

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I don’t use the USB connection on my car other than charging. I assume you do this since you don’t have Bluetooth option.  If you did have BT, you would not see a request for a PIN or password between songs. My best suggestion is to look at Pandora’s mobile app advanced settings and make sure auto play is setup as well as the other options for continual play. Secondly, make sure your phone settings are changed for screen timeout whereby it never timeouts or choose the latest time possible. 
If this doesn’t work, you may be out of luck since there may have been some app changes or your phone operating system updates that block continued play without PIN. 
Good luck on this. 


Hi @BetsyRowan! Thanks for posting.

The Pandora app does not require or generate a PIN when connected to devices either with USB or Bluetooth.

Can you tell me more about your device and vehicle?

  1. What is the make, model and year of your vehicle?
  2. If you have an aftermarket stereo, what is the make and model of that device?
  3. What is the make and model of your phone? Also, can you tell me the Pandora app version (let me know if you need help finding that)?
  4. Is your vehicle equipped with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay?

Can you include a photo of what you're seeing when this happens?

Let me know.

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Tanner | Community Moderator

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