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Pandora Plus in 2019 Camaro

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My car has the pandora app built in i pay for the unlimited skips it works on my phone but not my car its all the same account but in my car it tells me skip limit exceeded. Its a 2019 camaro.

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Hi @Chase0627! Thanks for posting.

Looks like you're using the integrated Pandora app located in your cars head unit. Unfortunately, our paid Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium subscription features are not compatible with your vehicle. 

We are actively working on making these features available on more devices. 

For now, you can enjoy Pandora subscription benefits in your car by connecting your phone via a standard Bluetooth, auxiliary (AUX) connection or using Pandora via CarPlay/Android Auto if your car comes equipped with this.


Use your mobile device only when conditions allow and as permitted by applicable law.

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