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Pandora stops playing on Echo and Apple Car play

Local Performer

Attempting to listen to Pandora on any device other than my Phone or Laptop does not constantly work.  New device, old device all the same.

This is making my ad free subscription not very practical.

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Hi @allanhaberkorn Welcome to community.

Since you posted in the Automotive board let's start with Apple CarPlay. We can loop back around to any other devices after. Can you tell me a little more about what's happening when you play Pandora on CarPlay?

  1. What is the make, model and year of your vehicle?
  2. If you have an aftermarket stereo, what is the make and model of that device?
  3. What is the model and iOS version of your phone? Also, can you tell me the Pandora app version (let me know if you need help finding that)?
  4. How is your smartphone connected to your car? (Bluetooth or USB)
  5. Do you receive an error message? If so, what does is exactly say?
  6. Can you share a picture of what you're seeing when connected to Apple CarPlay?

Let me know.

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