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Shuffle takes over in CarPlay

Local Performer

My Shuffle seems eternal regardless off what simple answers are provided. Due to this absolutely horrible problem I cannot listen to a Podcast while driving. Issue: Podcasts are started and the moment my car connects the evil shuffle jumps back to some sort of possessed song/music list. I want to listen to Podcasts while driving not some stupid hop skip and Shuffle list. Please help or I will be forced to delete this Pandora App due to its inferior operating options.

Moderator Edit: Changing title for clarity

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Hi @Tcat -- thanks for posting your experience. I have a few clarifying questions. 

  1. Do you listen to Podcasts within the Pandora app or another app?
  2. If you listen to Podcasts on another app, do you start this app prior to connecting to your car or after?
  3. If you listen to Podcasts on another app, when you connect to your vehicle, does Pandora take over?
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