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Toyota Corolla Cross - Trouble accessing Pandora

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I bought a new Corolla Cross last May and got Pandora easily enough, then it disappeared. Is it true that I have to sign up with Sirius to get Pandora again, because I won't do that.  I don't even like it that Sirius is built into my car's sound system, unbidden.  We need a really good translator between the nerds who come up with all this stuff, and me, the simple-minded consumer.  


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @music4lolly. 👋

Nice to see you around the community space. 

Pandora and Sirius currently operate as separate services. You won't need to sign up for SiriusXM in order to get Pandora in your vehicle. If your vehicle's radio system also supports Pandora you can connect your Pandora account on that device.

Sounds like you're having some trouble accessing Pandora in your vehicle. For more personalized support, I've created an email case for you. Someone from our team will reach out to gather more details and offer further assistance with Pandora in your vehicle. Please keep an eye out for their email message soon. 📬

Thanks so much for your patience during this process. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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