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The Listener Lounge: April 2024



New Music: Picks of the Week 🎵


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Each week, @AdamPandora shares new songs and albums spanning different genres and styles. Don't skip out on the chance to explore!



Question of the Week 💡


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Ready to join in on the conversation? Don't miss out on our question of the week, a perfect opportunity to discuss and exchange your favorite choices with your community friends. 



✍️ New Blog Post




International Guitar Month

by @EricPandora :pandora: 

According to the internet, April is International Guitar Month 🎸. As far as historians can tell, the guitar goes back to 15th century Spain. But it wasn’t until 1987 when the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) established April as the month dedicated to a stringed instrument championed by classically trained musicians, juvenile delinquents, and everyone in between. 

I fell in love with the guitar in second grade by accident. Near the top of my Christmas list, in between a remote-controlled R2-D2 and a Gremic skateboard, I had asked for the Superstar 3000, a toy guitar that ran on batteries. But upon tearing the wrapping paper off a guitar-shaped box on Christmas morning, I found, to my surprise, a real acoustic guitar instead. My mom was quick to assure me that it was much cooler to play a real guitar than a toy guitar. She also mentioned that she had signed me up for guitar lessons.

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International Jazz Day

by @MichellePandora :pandora:

Happy International Jazz Day!

International Jazz Day is the world's largest annual celebration of jazz that’s celebrated every year on April 30, highlighting jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe. It also marks the end of Jazz Appreciation Month (fondly known as “JAM”). So, what better way to pay tribute to America’s earliest and iconic art forms!

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AMP Shoutout: Lance Allen 


Special shoutout to fellow Community member Lance Allen (aka @guitarlancer) for being the featured artist this week on AMP Fresh Cuts.




Lance is a gifted guitarist whose intricate compositions evoke tranquility and impart a grounding quality on his listeners. He is a dedicated AMP user as well who regularly utilizes the AMP tools (like Artist Audio Messages and Featured Tracks) to promote his music on Pandora.

Let's hear it for Lance! 🎸




Pandora Picks: 2024 :pandora:


Just like all the new growth that sprouts in spring, April unearthed some blossoming new tunes! Per usual, we also found a few old jams to help score our pre-summer soundtrack. Dial up that volume, grab your garden shovel, and dig what we've been digging!



Check out: Pandora Picks: April 2024 - Curators' Choice




International Guitar Month 🎸


Celebrate International Guitar Month with our curated stations.

Which is your favorite? 🎶



Set the mood with Guitar Radio, a perfect background station for your daily tasks.



Classical Guitar boasts six-string virtuosos you may have heard as well as some who might be new to your ears. Listen now to hear some of the most beautiful classical compositions performed on acoustic guitar.



Blues Guitar Legends compiles the world's most well-known blues guitarists, from the Mississippi delta to the streets of Chicago. Nothing says "I'm hurtin'" like the wail of a mournful guitar.




Collaborative Cuts: Spring Break ☀️


Thank you all for your contributions to the Collaborative Cuts: Spring Break playlist!

The playlist is now live on Pandora.

Stay tuned for our next crowd sourcing playlist coming soon! 🎧





And as always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us.

If you have any ideas or thoughts, please don't hesitate to share them with us. 

- The Pandora Community Team :pandora: