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Q: If you followed your childhood dream job, what would you be?


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If you followed the dreams you had in your youth, what do you think you'd be doing for a living today? 

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On the Rise

I'd be a race car driver.

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☀️🌈-- I'd be a meteorologist.

@Pandora With all honesty...I would be either dead or broke...And no I will not elaborate...

Take care and GOD bless...



I had no dreams as a child. 😆



Tanner | Community Moderator

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@TannerPandora You are only the 3rd or fourth person I have come across in my life who stated you have never had a childhood dream of wanting to become something specific...Remarkable...But after all, being a true child means what care in the world does a child truly have to have as a child...(Except for those who have had a traumatizing upbringing)...

Take care and GOD bless...


Community Manager
Community Manager

Growing up I wanted to be a writer, specifically a novelist. I love(d) reading! 📚

Alyssa | Community Manager
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@AlyssaPandora that is the first time I have heard that one...The imaginations that children have are truly unique as well as astounding, to say the least...As we know we have all heard the common ones...I want to be a Fireman, Policeman, President, Army man, Pilot (Plane or Helicopter)...But then once in a while, you come across those who have a much more detailed version of their dream as they see it like no one else...

Have a great day friend...Take care and GOD bless...


Local Performer

I'd be a vocalist in one of these famous bands y'all listen to on Pandora 😘🤩