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The Listener Lounge: November 2023


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Native American Heritage Month 🧡


Join us in celebrating Native American Heritage Month as we highlight Indigenous voices, their significant contributions, and their cultural impact. 



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New Music: Picks of the Week 🎵


Prepare to expand your horizons by delving into a diverse genres and styles as new songs and albums are shared by @AdamPandora each week.


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Let us know what you think of our recommendations in these threads ⤵️: 


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Question of the Week 💡


Check out our community question posts where you can share and discuss your favorites.





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Creators Community :pandora:




We’re excited to announce an update to Creator Notifications! In 2022, we launched Creator Notifications, which allowed AMP users to subscribe to email notifications for artists they follow. These notifications included “Week in Review” and “At the Moment” emails so AMP users can get regular updates about recent editorial placements and spin metrics. 

Check out our blog post about the updates here: New Updates to Pandora AMP's Creator Notifications!


Claiming your AMP Profile

Need help with claiming your AMP profile? We'll help you get started: AMP Profile


New to the Creators Community?

We'd love to get to know you more in this thread: Welcome! Come Introduce Yourself

Pandora for Creators AMP Events 

You can always find out what's coming up on our Creators Events page.

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✍️ New Blog Post



Native American Heritage Month Rocks

by @EricPandora  




"November might be my favorite month. Aside from its overall deliciousness, it offers a post-Halloween hangover hibernation, rife with shorter days, longer nights, turning leaves, comfort food, sweatpants, blankets, and of course, a cornucopia of deep dives into more music. And as someone with Indigenous American ancestry, Native American Heritage Month offers a time to reflect on my roots." - @EricPandora 


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Music for the Holidays 🍂


Whether you're hosting or a guest, check out Thanksgiving Day Radio which features a mix of genre classics to enjoy with the whole family including jazz, blues and oldies. Listen to this station throughout your turkey day festivities! We hope you have a nice holiday. ❤️
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Friendsgiving plays casual music for your holiday get together. Tune in and set the table for your friends and folks. ❤️
Press play to listen 🎶
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As always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. If you have any ideas or thoughts, please don't hesitate to share them with us. In the meantime, happy listening! 🎶

- The Pandora Community Team :pandora: