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192 kbps is "Premium quality"? Showstopper for using Pandora

Local Performer

I've been a hard core Spotify user and occasional Pandora user since inception.  Lately I've been so disappointed with Spotify AI/ML and music selection and have been really liking what I'm getting on Pandora, so considered a full switch.  I am on premium.  I was listening to a few favorite albums on Pandora on a few different devices, and I kept feeling like the albums sounded bad.  Then I realized Pandora premium only goes to 192 kbps!  That is like bitrates from 2008!  Spotify supports 320kbps which is the MP3 standard.  Contrary to what the streaming industry has tried to sell us, music lovers can tell differences in quality easily.  I simply can't do Pandora as primary music streaming because of this significant downfall.  How can a music company provide only low quality audio?

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Diamond in the Rough

Sadly many of us have been asking that question over and over and over. lol. 
There are many great things about Pandora but it definitely seems they aren’t interested in increasing the sound quality.  I am holding out hope for some big update in 2024 but that is simply hope. lol