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Any notification when your post is answered?

Local Performer

I posted a question I don't know how to check the response nor did you guys respond to an email or send me anything to let me know an answer to my question?

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Hi @Jay_Moonrock thanks for posting to community.

When you post a message on community you'll receive a notification either when someone posts on the same thread or if someone has tagged you in a message, much like I did just now. If you've opted out of email notifications, you will need log into your community account to check for any responses.

Notifications can be found in the top right corner, the icon that looks like a bell. Any responses or tags will show with a numerical number posted over the bell icon. 

For our User Support team, I do see that they responded to your email on 5/14/2020. If you're not seeing their response, please be sure to check junk or spam folders, their email may have ended up in there. 

Both on your community page and user support team, we do our best to respond as soon as possible, but occasionally delays can occur. 

Thanks for your understanding and thanks for being part of community.  




Tanner | Community Moderator

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