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Anyone else miss the comments section?

Local Performer

I wish the new owners would consider bringing back the comments sections. Maybe add moderators to edit those useless comments or negative comments which only hurt those who posted music related comments and not silly inappropriate comments. 

What do you think? 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Anna040306 Unfortunately, we can't allow a non-filtered space, which is why we brought the Pandora Community to the forefront with active moderation.

Erick | Sr. Manager of Social & Communities

Let's exchange playlists and podcasts in the Music + Podcasts

Local Performer

is there anybody from the OLD Pandora that remembers the comment section on the Nightcore station? been missing some olds friends from there recently. 

Local Performer

I really enjoyed the comments sections. It gave a certain kind of life to Pandora, like there were others listening to the same music as me! This is fine I guess, but we're not commenting on songs, like before, so it's kind of hard to talk to others about a song without "creating a new thread, etc etc." IT's just too much hassle. If this "Listener Lounge was incorporated into the app, and had track specific threads, It'd be perfect! Right now, I have to navigate to a new window, or open the browser on my phone just to chat!

But I feel like this forum is a step in the right direction.


Local Performer

I wish they will bring back the comments back

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A long time ago in the Wild West days of Pandora, we listeners used to be able to write comments after clicking on the Pandora page link for an artist, song, album, etc.  Comments in the earlier years tended to be topical and fun, and you could become friendly with other listeners who had similar tastes or opinions, but the climate inevitably changed to frequent spam comments, "follow for a follow!", and sometimes harassment, and mean remarks.

Diamond in the Rough

Seconding the most recent post.

The most I got out of the comments was people posting lyrics for songs that did not have them, and people discussing the meaning/origins of the song. I do miss that interactivity with particular tunes. Recommending lyrics etc. here isn't very effective, as the moderation isn't 100% involved with the way the algorithms and song tracks themselves are uploaded and used on the site, so the forum can't really benefit much in that department besides "Thanks for the suggestion - we'll look into it."


That being said, the comments on individual songs etc. was turning heavily spam and junky, and I can't blame anyone for taking it down. It's probably far too much to track compared to one unified forum concept, even if that's not the same thing.

Local Performer

I really do miss all of the friends that I met on the app way back during when the app still allowed for comments between users. It holds special memories for me and I was absolutely gutted once they took away the comments. Now the app is a more solitary experience, rather than the social atmosphere that it was before. Also, I met my partner on this app, and I miss being able to see all of the song comments that he would leave for me on the song pages and artist pages.