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Death Playlist

On the Rise

Imagine the following:

You are told that you have exactly 1 hour to live. You cannot leave the room your in, you cannot call anyone and you cannot leave behind a letter or text message. The only thing you are allowed to do is use the 60 minutes to create a 10 song playlist to leave behind. What songs would put on the playlist? 

The following cover art inspired this idea 


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Opening Act

i would say

1: juicewrld= already dead

2: FFDP= wrong side of heaven

3: hazzard county boys= good ole boys

4: josh turner= long black train

5: randy travis= three wooden crosses

6: randy travis= forever and ever amen

7: mc virgins= trap anthem

8: boywithuke= IDGAF

9: juicewrld= hate me

10: marshmello= shockwave


On the Rise

Thanks for sharing 

Opening Act

no problem

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