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Don't you know I'm human too? (to all the women who feel they restless)

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Don’t you know that I’m human?

Don’t you know I can only take so much?

Don’t you want to feel my pain?

Don’t you know too much about me already?

Don’t you know that I’m too good for you?

Don’t you want to stop playing games?

Because you haven’t gone nowhere with it

Don’t you want to be free like everyone else?

Don’t you want your life be in peace for

The rest of your life?

Don’t you want a change on your life for

God Sake?

Don’t you want be wise with me?

Because I moved on

Don’t you want to see your future at least?

Don’t you want to put yourself in my

 Position to know how it feels like?

Don’t you wanna forgive yourself?

Because I did

Don’t you want to admit that you

Put me through hell?

But I got out on my own

Don’t you know I took all your blames?

Just because I did care

Don’t you see that I’m not ashamed anymore?

     But it’s time to show you that

I’m taking my life serious

Starting right now

                                   By: Falone Jean Louis

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I wrote this poem to all the women who feel they restless, know that you are beautiful and worthy. Love yourself😍😍 Happy women's month.

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@Reldeo I really enjoy it when you share your poetry. Thank you!

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thank you. I have a lot more

Up & Coming Artist

Thanks I like this poem alot

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You welcome

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