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I have the Longest playlist Ever

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This is so cool! I have the longest playlist ever! I have 1000 songs on my playlist!💥

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@Coolkid121 That's pretty cool. 1000 songs is impressive. However there is a regular contributor here in the community that has almost 1500 inn his playlist. I'll tag him @MOHLovesAlaska 

@Coolkid121 that is awesome that your Playlist has reached 1,000 songs. @UncleBud is right, I have 3 playlists that has exceeded well beyond. 1448, 1569, 1576. That may seem like a lot, but about 6 or so months ago I ran into another Pandorian here in the community that has a Playlist that has 2,400 songs in it. Now that my dear friends is what I call impressive. Thanks for sharing your great milestone, it takes many hours to make that long of a Playlist. 

Take care and stay safe.


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I love to talk with all of u

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thanks! you are so sweet


@Coolkid121 I have been accused, and even labeled many things, but being "Sweet" was not one of them. But I thank you for the compliment. And keep having fun building on to your Playlist. When your finished feel free to share it with me. As a matter of fact, here are my 3 Playlist that you can collect if would like.

1). MOHLovesAlaska Created Playlist 

2). Genre Songs Of The Day (GSOTD clean only) 

3). My Thumbs Up Playlist 

If you come across any duplicates in the same Playlist, please let know and I will fix it. Enjoy the music, take care and stay safe.


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hey, @MOHLovesAlaska if you think that 2400 is alot i have to have 2 playlists the first is maxed at 5000 the other one is at 2956.

playlist 1 

playlist 2 


@kayden_S  that is impressive, thanks for sharing the link to your Playlist. Take care and stay safe.


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i have 4132 songs in one playlist

one of the longest on pandora


@Logan4 very impressive, thanks for sharing. Take care and stay safe. 


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My play list is currently a measly 705 - the songs I like the most culled from Downloaded Artists with names beginning A-P. It should be about  1,050 by the time I've worked my way through to Z Z Top.

When I play that list, normally the first thing I do is turn shuffle on and then skip to the next song.

I wonder what the usage scenarios are for others will long play lists.

@rbdietz2017 I  wouldn't call your playlist insignificant, or measly. Anytime someone has built their playlist to 500 or more means they have spent at least 6 or more hours building that playlist. I know because I have three playlists that have exceeded 1,000 songs and several more that are nearing the 1,000 song milestone. I have been working on my playlists for nearly 3 years. Your 707 playlist is still a great work in progress, it takes a lot of time to get there, especially when you are collecting songs that are only to your liking, and not just adding what Pandora suggests. Thanks for sharing, take care and stay safe.


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Nice Job! My Playlist has 251 and I'm trying to get to 5000, almost impossible...for me at least.

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My thumbs Playlist has 3244 songs


Huh, I have 950. I think I need to update my playlist 🤔