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I love Country Music

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I love country music! im still pretty young but i grew up on Garth Brooks and Joe Diffie. Brantley Gilbert is another big artist i love! 


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@adia  Welcome to the Pandora Community!


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In addition, if you haven't already done so, check out these Country music playlists that you may enjoy:

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Hey Adia new too! love peoplse

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i love country also its plays in my room 24/7

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Place putitonnowok



Call me


Same here! Who can live without country music??  Not me!😁 I'm still petty young too but country mucis rocks!

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Community Manager

Hi there, @Colee @nemo305. 👋

What other country artists are you listening to?

Are there any stations that I should check out on Pandora?

Let me know if you have suggestions/recommendations! 🎶

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I grew up on a family dairy farm for the most earliest part of my life. Country music was in the house, it was in the barn, on the radio in the car. It was the only music I knew. Listening to George, Kenny, Dolly, Emmylou, Tammy, Hank and Hank Jr, Patsy and all the rest. We listened so much I really felt I knew them on a first name basis. I still like country music, just not as much as pop, soft rock and easy-listening music. I do like a little hard rock. Take care and stay safe.


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I will love to be your friend


I love to listen to country music

@dakotalindsey33  Pandora has a daily post called GSOTD (Genre Songs Of The Day). I would love for you as well as others to post your favorites, I will add them to a playlist I created just for the GSOTD post. Think it over, but I would really like to see your favorites. Take care and stay safe. 


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@adia and @DrizzleProle  hewo people! I love country music too! I also love pop, rap, R&B, and a little rock!


who likes to tell more about country music

pls send me personal message

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Country music is great. I recently have made a country music playlist. 


   This has a couple folks songs too. These are probably some of the most common country songs  but i'm a fan of all the artists i have on this playlist. I want to add more songs on this playlist. So all the artist that have been mentioned above i'll check them out since i want to listen to something new.

Thank you @Colee  @Gentleshy123  @Lovewolfie  @dakotalindsey33  @DrizzleProle  @MOHLovesAlaska 

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anyone like country music and has a goo music artist they can tell me about

@I_LOVEMUSIC34 good afternoon, I do have some country music artists that I do like. There are two that are more sentimental for the fact that my parents liked them. One is George Jones, (my dad), and the other Mrs. Loretta Lynn (my mom). Me personally, I like Emmylou Harris, Faith Hill, Jewel (not many people know that she has country music) her album "Sweet And Wild" is a country album. Chris Stapleton, Kenny Rogers, and Kenny Chesney. Take care and stay safe. 


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well i'm 17 almost 18 and i love the newer country like luke bryan, lee brice, luke combs, etc...