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I’m so happy!

Diamond in the Rough


Look at me! I feel so happy knowing I am contributing to the community! I hope that my replies, answers and random things are making Pandora a better place. Now for @MOHLovesAlaska@overthemoon, @Oshawott, and @elijahmdawkins...

Y’all did an amazing job for also making it up onto the 5!! Though I always wondered what happened to @Oshawott. They don’t seem to post as often and it’s kinda worrying me... Anyways, trying not to drop the mood. I just wanted to say thank you to Pandora for having the best community and the best music options! Have a nice day!

-Demon Deer

٩( 'ω' )و

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Thank you for all of your positive contributions to the Community, @Itsdemondeer. 😁 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks so much for all that you do. We're happy to have you as a member of the :pandora: community, @Itsdemondeer.

@Oshawott is taking a break while finishing up school. You can find out more in this post.

Hope you're having a great week thus far! 😊 


Alyssa | Community Manager
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Hey! Im glad youre happy. I am doing well.

And yeah congrats to everyone in the top 5. I hope everyone else is doing well. I'm just stopping by to check in. There's no need to worry about me. At the moment i'm doing a ton of school stuff.Im in the last couple weeks of school so i'm in a rush to get things done so i don't have a ton of free time. 


Opening Act

Thank you for your contributions, @Itsdemondeer 

Have a good day!