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I need new rap songs to listen to!


I mainly listen to a small number of songs. I usually listen to the same ones for weeks. I need help finding new ones to listen to. I really enjoy hip hop and rap music, so if anyone can recommend some songs or artists I should listen to it would be great. 


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On the Rise

There are literally dozens of rap and hiphop playlists to check out.

Good luck in your search!


Artist here as "Jack Phantom and the Exquisite Corpse Cabaret" (jazz)

Diamond in the Rough

Try the following playlists for good new hip hop music:

New Hip Hop

The Sauce

Trendsetters: Hip Hop

Pitchfork - The Ones

You can find tons of Hip Hop and Rap genre stations here.

For new artists to check out, try:

Danny Brown

Young Thug


Local Performer

Check out Nipplife thank me later 

Im a huge fan on logic and Kevin gates they both have new albums out.

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Pdashvaa's "BREAKNG NEWS" E.pPdashvaa's "BREAKNG NEWS" E.pPdashvaa is one of the HOTTEST upcoming Rap artist of this Era. The kids Incredible. He drops new music every week solo as well with NEW Upcoming Acts all around the World.  No lie the guy has over 350 unreleased singles in his catalog minus the 50 unmixed but already Recorded Tracks, along side another 25 songs with only hooks. He is Perefect for "Main Stream Radio Stations". He's consistently keeping himself busy in the studio.  Critiqued in his development, he is candid and super fascinating at attracting "keen ears" for GREATMusic. He is NOW creating his   "6th Unreleased Album" . Already releasing his first E.p in the earlier months of year, "Pdashvaa" is also due to drop his newest E.p by the end of Fall 2019. Following that, his "FRESHMAN ALBUM" titled, "The MAlbum" is said to be released by January 2020. Check this young Guys Music out Asap & WATCH as his CAREER vastly begins to flourish.

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Opening Act

Have you tried the discovery button for a rap station you like? It should bring up lots of new music. 

Local Performer

Definitely check out new artist (Kay B Marl3y)

He has an overwhelming record soon to break!

Simply Search, ask Siri or Alexa to search for:


"Good & Evil" - By. Kay B Marl3y

iTunes,Apple music, Spotify,Pandora,Amazon music,tidal ect.

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Like cncl said, try the sauce station, brings good rap.  You can also try:


Playlist - 47 Songs
Playlist - 49 Songs
Playlist - 63 Songs
Try them!

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i need some new rap songs to listen to

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@rmarie1303 I merged your post into this existing thread where other Community members have shared some recommendations for rap songs.


I hope to see you around the Community often! 🎧

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Let's exchange playlists and podcasts in the Music + Podcasts

Local Performer

Local Performer

Definitely check out 6PM Drew and PMG Jay! 

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I recently discovered NF. It’s completely changed my thinking. 

Diamond in the Rough

Eminem's Lose Yourself is the only rap i listen to.

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@RedJokerYT  perhaps you could help me with this. I have been getting more request for Rap and Hip-Hop. The playlist is a public playlist, so the lyrics need to be kid friendly. So perhaps you can make some selections that would make everyone half happy. I do enjoy doing GSOTD daily post, but there is a lot of time that goes in to doing it. If I were not single, then chances are I would not be able to do it. It would be great if you could give me some selections, either Rap, or Hip - Hop, if you could do both that would be a huge bonus. And if you cannot, then don't sweat it, I will do what I can. Take care and stay safe.