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I've Been In Pandora Heaven The Last 7 hours!

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I've started reading and searching the Community more and discovered this morning that you can: Shuffle Station

I tried it...

One great song after another.

7/10 thumbs up.

I keep loving Pandora more and more even with all its issues.

(A first that I've seen as I'm writing this: Identical text/background colors, it's blank.)

These issues will probably be around until some entity buys them. Sad!

FYI: I have what appears to be the best workaround for the unreadable text issue:

I created an "Unreadable Text" playlist.

Thanks... Ken

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The identical text/background colors are a change from yesterday.

It appears that Pandora moved the (hope) legible song title/etc

to appear after you have scrolled to the bottom of the page.

It then appears.

New for me. Desktop Mac, Chrome

Thanks... Ken

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7 hours is a lot of music time. The day before Christmas Eve, I spent 12 straight hours listening to music, from 7 to 7. There were ads, but still. Music is great