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Local Performer

Can we get the option to upload a picture to our profiles? Drives me crazy that I can't personalize that one basic thing.... music wise; I like the modes but I would like to have stronger control over albums; make it easier to get to them and collect them; even on the free version of Pandora; if I have to watch an ad or 2; I'll trade that to get an option to collect the album instead of having to make a playlist to have it in my collection.



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @brannimlove. 👋

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback. 

Profile Photo on your Pandora Profile + Community:

Another community member created a feature suggestion that you may want to check out: Ideas: Ability to add profile picture

To upvote an idea, click on the 💙 icon next to the title of the request to express your interest in seeing this option implemented. 


Albums + Collecting:

As you may know, listening to albums and other on-demand content is a feature of Premium. With Premium Access,  you should be able to collect albums to listen to. Once the session is over, your account will revert back to your original experience. When enable Premium Access again by watching an advertisement, you should be able to view the content collected from your previous session. Your collection and playback history will be stored in our servers for when you return to Premium. 

You can add songs, albums or podcasts to your collection and access them under My Collection. You can collect tracks from the Now Playing screen, or search our library to collect music or podcasts to listen to later without disrupting the current track.

  • To add the Now Playing track to your collection, tap the add icon (+) below the album art.
  • To add songs, albums or podcasts to search to find what you are looking for, then tap the add icon on the song, album or podcast page.
  • A checkmark will appear to confirm your selection has been added. To remove collected sources, simply tap the checkmark that replaces the add icon.

You can find out more about how these sessions work here: Premium Access

I hope this information is helpful. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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I've been using a friends account on your biggest competitor and their app and user interface is SPOT on (see what I did there?). Seriously, I've been using Pandora for years and the only new feature is this Artist curated modes? That is all we get? Really?  I'm pretty sure these modes just steer us into songs that are cheaper for Pandora to play. 

How about the ability to...

1) Shuffle between modes within the same station (Artist only, deep cuts, crowd favs etc). Listen to the same mode for more than a day and the same songs play over and over. It's so repetitive I sometimes wonder if anyone at Pandora even uses their own app. 

2) Show the next song in a thumbnail at the bottom of the screen.

3) Allow me to use my phone like a remote when using the desktop or the app on my Tv (skip songs, stations etc).

These are just a few....I'm sure these forums are filled with suggestions you have ignored. Give us something new, anything new. If I didn't have to switch all the accounts on my family plan I'd jump ship already to the competition. I pay the same money for an app (and desktop) that is stagnant and isn't being improved. If you want to catch up to the competition actually compete with them!!!! Show this to someone that can make decisions over there!!!!

Bonus if you add the ability to play the music video to each song....I'd pay more for this feature. 

and please get rid of the artist curated's annoying. 


Hi @chongo228! Thanks for posting to community.

I've moved your post over to our Community Chat board. When posting a feature request it's best to break up your feedback into separate posts, one for each of your ideas. This lets users specifically vote on the ideas they'd like to see for Pandora and helps us aggregate stats when we pass along info to our product teams.

I did a little digging and found a couple of feature request posts that are similar to your ideas. Feel free to vote and/or add a comment. If you don't see a post that's related, feel free to make a new one.

Thanks for being part of community!


Tanner | Community Moderator

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@chongo228 Sorry to hear you're not enjoying Pandora as much as I do. I noticed you mentioned the modes. You should be able to switch to artist only, deep cuts, etc. by simply switching modes when you want to. 

I have some stations that I've created that I started out in artist only mode then I added variety to it by selecting a different mode. Now when I'm listening to stations like this, I choose how I want to listen to the station simply by switching modes. 

I see you're a premium member like me so you should be able to switch between modes without problems. It might have to do with the type of device you're using to access Pandora.


Yep, I know about the modes and how to add variety. I'd like it to shuffle between modes during the work day without having to go mess with the computer to change modes.

My post isn't a specific feature request, it's more of a any feature request. The only notable difference in the last year is the curated modes. Other streaming services have much better and polished platforms. 


I am one of those folks who find what I think would be an extremely feature, that perhaps once existed but no longer. I may hear a song that I like but not in the station where I would want. Out of frustration I will give it a "thumb down" because I don't want it to trigger more songs like it showing up in the channel that where it came up. Wouldn't it be great if I could give it a thumbs up and then put it into a different channel, instead of having the only option being to start a new channel based on that musician? Good grief, how hard can that be for Pandora (and by the way, I am a software programmer).

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Opening Act

Pandora has been stagnate since the the launch of iTunes at least ~7 years ago. 
This is a travesty because Pandora could easily dominate the market with a little investment. 
I quit iTunes because it wouldn’t shuffle songs randomly (see my other posts for proof). 
Pandora sadly is biasing the random selection by what appears to be the Collected song list and some other factors I’d love to know about. 

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Sorry, I don't work for Pandora. I only posted a feature request.
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Local Performer

This sounds like a great feature for consideration.

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Opening Act

Playlist not loading showers ng a bunch of "new" slots that are empty. It's like they keep adding features and building up the processing required but none of the features are relevant. I want to open my app go to my music and play my music. I don't want to be slow down by all this BS. I have literally never liked a song or playlist that has ever came on the "for you" section. Over 10 years and I can't remember a day I haven't used Pandora. Seriously guys get really good at doing simple stuff That's it That's all you need to do as a music platform please for the love of God efficiency simplification

On the Rise

It is annoying.

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