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Introduce Yourself


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Welcome to the Pandora Community! Whether you've been a long-time Pandora listener or are new to our platform, we'd like to take the time to welcome you to the Pandora family!


We'd also like to take this time to hear from you! Share a picture of yourself below (if you feel comfortable doing so) and add the following so we have a better understanding of who you are:


  • Name?
  • Where you're from?
  • What your favorite genre of music is?
  • What you're currently listening to?
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service?


We hope to hear from many of you and hope that your Pandora Community experience is a memorable one. 🎧

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I didn’t realize how big this community actually is.   I am amazed.  Just so everyone knows.  I am a straight male.  And this lifestyle is new to me.  Also I dont want to be  offensive. But I am straight and plan on staying straight.  Just don’t want to offend anyone and wanted to get that out there now.   Thank you and sorry if I upset anyone. 

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Son Nature
Dallas, Tx
ad free

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 Amity Arreola

..aka T.T. aka Love-leigh  kurlysuwoo

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  • Name? hi, I'm Gabriella 🙂
  • Where you're from? Atlanta, Georgia
  • What your favorite genre of music is? Rap/ R&B
  • What you're currently listening to? DaniLeigh- Easy
    • A favorite feature of the Pandora service? Idk

Community Manager
Community Manager

Nice to see you around the community space, @gabby17! Welcome :pandora:

Alyssa | Community Manager
Let's talk music in Community Chat
Share yours here: Q: What song fits your mood today?
Check out new tunes this week:New Music: Picks of the Week (07.08.24)

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Thanx Pandora!  I'm Kim. Originally from Long Beach, California. Now living in Orange County. Favorite genres of music are 90s hip hop, rap, old school, r & b! Currently loving me some Eminem, Megan thee stallion, Cardi B., Little Wayne 😜 Looking forward.. 

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@Foxtrotswinger / @1776FM / @Love-leigh / @gabby17 / @KimmiB 

Welcome to the community. It's good to see each of you posting here. I hope we'll see you commenting on some of the other posts here. Peace! ✌

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Thank you. I will try to.

Local Performer

Yow everybody! Newbie here lol


Name: Johnnie

From: Baltimore, MD

Fave genre: EDM. Lately been listening to a lot of trance, neo-disco and deep house

Currently listening to: Armin Van Buuren station

Favorite feature: I came here after trying out Spotify, YTM, and Tidal because Pandora's playlist algorithm has been much better than competing services in my experience. Most of my music listening throughout the day is done through playlists and streaming radio stations, so Pandora is ideal for that. The tuning features on stations are really cool.

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@balokdecoy Hey Johnnie, welcome to the community. Hey @Flipbugoystar ! It's good to see both of you posting here. I enjoy the fact that I can listen to different music each day. I rotate daily through my stations list to keep everything fresh. Anyway, I hope we'll see both of you commenting on some of the other posts here. Peace! ✌

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@abyssiniaflower Hi! Welcome to the community. What's your favorite genre of music? I hope you'll comment on some of our other posts. Peace! ✌

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my name is skylar (steven)

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@Listener001 Hi Skylar. That's a cool name. I don't suppose I've ever met a Skylar before. What's your favorite genre of music?

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I like pop .


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My name is Skylar 

I am from Lexington KY


@Listener001 (Skylar) hello, and welcome to the Pandora community. I hope we will see more of you here in the community. Have a great evening, you take care and stay safe. 



It's 2022 - Happy Almost End of the COVID Pandemic Fellow Music Loving Peeps,

I've been using Pandora since it came out and now have a paid-account but worried about the lack of updates in the last few years. Global traveler and user, Pandora has gotten me through college degrees, the birth of my daughter, and much more... see pandemic above. My music tastes are legion and keep evolving. One thing I can say is that I don't listen to music on the radio anymore unless it is a local college set. Largely can't stand the auto-tune highly processed nature of music today although I'm a huge fan of electronica/electro and enjoying the mood of Low-Fi that has been evolving out there. I've seen everyone from the Pixies to Nine Inch Nails, Aerosmith to Pennywise, Vanilla Ice to Tool in concert. I've been to Tanglewood and other venues to enjoy classical, jazz, blues, and big-band. I support my local musicians passionately and wish I had the time to join a group personally.

  • Name - Torben
  • Where you're from - Originally Massachusetts
  • What your favorite genre of music is - Changes with the wind
  • What you're currently listening to - Right this second? Morcheeba B-Sides (Who Can You Trust?)
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service - recommendations based on the "Music Genome Project"

Fingers crossed Pandora and their developers come out with a major update soon that addresses many of our community concerns and needs. Thanks Pandora.

P.S. Forgot to say - Used to be a very low-key DJ and probably have one of the most extensive 90's hip-hop collections in the area. From Digable Planets to Pharcyde to KRS-ONE. A Tribe Called Quest and Deltron are two of my seeds for stations ❤️

@Tortuga_Música congrats with your daughter, I see you also like a large variety of music. I do as well, that is all except for rap. I couldn't ever get a taste for it. Well, I hope we will see more of you here in the community. Take care and stay safe.