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Jazz Bassist Samille Johnson Covers "Selena" Song "I Could Fall In Love"


About Selena’s Song “I Could Fall In Love with You”

"I Could Fall in Love" is a song recorded by American Tejano singer Selena for her fifth studio album, Dreaming of You (1995), released posthumously by EMI Latin on 26 June 1995.

Bassist Samille Johnson has released a cover by the beloved music artist Selena which was very popular on EMI Latin Music Label and covered by many artists to include Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion and various others.

Samille Johnson’s approach to this track utilizing piccolo bass was very well crafted and approached very nicely as to remain true to the original melody.

When we asked Samille how he came about doing a cover on this song he replied that it was the melody and he wanted to echo Selena’s Love to the world, to her husband and family.

Finally he stated, “I NEVER FORGOT THAT DAY” when we heard that Selena had transitioned and this song remained in my heart for years. 

Samille also stated that his wife thought that it would be a beautiful song for a bass player to cover but be careful. (Again as always Samille Laughed) however knew it would be a gutsy move.

We think it would be a nice addition to any music library that reflects love, in which our world needs so very much these days. Find it on Pandora here,


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for sharing 🎶 Will check it out - I love that song by Selena. @audioworks247 

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Up & Coming Artist

Selena was a beautiful lady, with a beautiful voice. So sad how her life ended, the movie is worth a watch also. 


Thank you, I Love my PANDORA FAMILY. Everyone be blessed and stay safe.


Yes, I remember that movie so very well. It was a well scripted movie on Selena, and I shall always remember her.

Thanks for your response. Love you guys, my Pandora Family and administrative team.


PS: I finally got a chance to get on here myself. 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

@audioworks247 Thanks for sharing this! 

I'll make sure to give it a listen as well. 😁🎶

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