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Hello everyone.

Yes, I know it's been a while. I'm doing well I hope everyone is doing well too. I took the summer break as a chance to get away from tech and have some time for myself. I came here to stop by for a little while.

I have to catch up on some summer work that I was supposed to do eons ago. ( That's currently what I'm doing.)  School starts for me this coming Monday. I will be going into 11th grade. This year I decided to take 2 AP classes this year so I will be working hard and ill be pretty busy.

I wish I could come back to pandora with a full swing but I don't know if that is possible it all depends on how school works out for me if all goes well ill continue with the work that I've been previously doing but if not I may have to cut back on a couple or everything all together. ( Which I hope I don't have to do.) 

Right now I'm just visiting because like I said I am currently doing school work. 

Also, someone has to fill me in on what's going and what's new.


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@Oshawott I'm happy to see you back even if it's just for a visit. I do hope you have been well. I'm happy to see you are going into the 11th grade. And no need to worry about what's going on around here, it is pretty much the same, although @TannerPandora has been doing weekly tips about the features that Pandora has, and how to use these features. You should check it out it is pretty good. I'm still doing the GSOTD (Clean only) post and playlist, I am also still posting This Day In The History Of Music. And @AlyssaPandora has been doing a post called New Music which is also really good. 

My work has been keeping me really busy, and I have been doing some summer building projects with my brother-in-law so that has been eating at most of my free time, I have been so busy I have missed a lot of postings with GSOTD and Music History, but it is what it is. @Oshawott I'm glad to see you back and glad you are doing well. I wish you the very best in this upcoming school year. You take care dear friend and stay safe as well. And don't be a stranger. 





@Oshawott So nice to see you around! Hope you enjoyed your summer - it feels like it went by pretty fast, right?

Wishing the best as you begin your new year of school, I'm sure you'll do very well in your classes, including AP! Feel free to come back when you get time. We'll be here. 😊

Alyssa | Community Moderator

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