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Open to new music suggestions! :)


wanting to explore new music options, share common interest and update my playlist. open to private messages/ group chat 🙂


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Angellina Vargas
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rhcstudent8 what is your music interest now? I would like to give you my playlist link, it would be kind of useless if it were the same as my music interest. Let me know. Take care and stay safe.



currently into artist such as: kendrick Lamar, clairo, cuco, girl in red, anything besides country really 😂@MOHLovesAlaska 

Angellina Vargas

@rhcstudent8  thanks for the response. I think I will just start you out with my "All Women Playlist". I hope you like it. Warning there are just a couple of country women singers on it. I made this playlist just for all the women here on Pandora for Mother's Day. I hope you like it. download.jpg   If you really do like this playlist, let me know and I will share my personal play list with you as well. Actually I already have it posted on Pandora, it is on playlist swap. Take care and stay safe. 




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my music interest is in rap but then i like to play certain songs then move one and not have to up grade

  • Dominic Juma  Try this playlist out. It is my personal playlist. I'm sure you will find some music to your distaste, but I do think you may like it over all as a whole. Take care and stay safe. Just click on the link. download.jpg  
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I need some new music to listen to. Its gotten to the point to where the same songs keep replaying. Its getting old and boring. I listen to anything any suggestions?🤔😣 

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Community Manager

Hey there, @Queen_3476. 👋

Thanks so much for joining the Pandora Community! To keep the community space organized, I moved your post over to this existing thread: Open to new music suggestions! 🙂


If you're experiencing repetition on your stations, I would recommend checking out this helpful page for tips to improve your stations.  Don't forget to use your Thumbs to share your feedback about what you want to / don't want to hear. Pandora learns from your Thumb feedback and this can help determine the next song that plays.

What kind of music do you like? 

Some of my favorite stations right now include:

🎶 H.E.R. Radio

🎶 Frank Ocean Radio

🎶 Drake Radio

🎶 FKJ Radio

🎶 Tom Misch Radio

Hope this helps! :pandora:

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Can Anybody please put me on some music, instead of answering

@Tcarte1 , enjoy the music, take care and stay safe.