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Opening Act

Opening Act

So, I just ranked up to "Opening Act". First of all, yay!

Secondly, this means that the requirements for Opening Act are somewhere around 25 posts and/or 57 likes. Hopefully we could compile a list of the rankings' requirements via keeping track. Does anyone else know what it took to get to their current ranking?

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Up & Coming Artist

@elijahmdawkins  interesting observation. i'm not sure what it took for me to get to my current ranking I just try to show up as much as I can and watch as my rankings go up. I wish there was a list that we could check out to see where we are out and look at the other levels above us.

Diamond in the Rough

Congrats. 🎉

I hit Opening Act a while ago and have 32 posts and 14 likes as of today. So you might be right on the 25 post minimum.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I created this new FAQ article based on your wish for a list. 😁

Erick | Community Manager

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