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Pandora in 2023

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2023 is fast approaching so I thought it would be a good time to consider Pandora in 2023. There are a lot of music streaming services and they are all trying to distinguish themselves to capture as many subscribers as possible.  Where does Pandora find itself in the crowded music streaming world of 2023? What makes it different from the others?  What would you want to see Pandora do in 2023?  It seems incomprehensible to me that Pandora is still offering the lowest possible audio quality of all the music streaming services. I just don’t understand why they haven’t offered any significant updates or upgrades to the streaming quality they offer. I hope 2023 we finally get a significant upgrade in that area. Personally I would love Pandora to offer some live stations with DJs like Apple Music does. The music discovery on the live Apple Music stations is amazing.  It also adds a human touch to the very nonhuman world of algorithms and automated created playlist. Pandora does an amazing job with playlists and Stations. What if they possibly added a section dedicated to albums, top albums, albums for you, Pandora recommended albums for all major genres, coming soon albums with pre add option, soon as the album drops it is immediately put in your library and you get a notification.   What are sone thoughts and ideas do all of you have? 

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Hi @Trevor1! Thanks for posting this great feedback!

When posting to the feature request board, it's best to break up your ideas into separate posts. This helps with status updates for each idea and helps listeners vote for the specific features they would like to see. For existing ideas, I would recommend voting and leaving a comment on the idea instead of creating a new post.

For best practices, take a look at the Feature Request FAQ

Thanks for your help and thanks for listening! 🎧


Tanner | Community Moderator

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Pandora Needs to enable crossfading between tracks to be a serious contender.

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Why has the software for this service becoming so completely trash? have had the same account with Pandora for just over 14 years. Over 30,000 thumbs. It used to be such a worthwhile service and I was so excited when they started to offer a premium membership. As soon as I could afford it I tried it and was extremely disappointed after a few months of use. It's almost like they are forcing people to try to pay for it but still not giving them what they want even if they are paying the most they could.

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Please please please just streamline. I have been a listener of Pandora for I want to say 12 years now. I've seen this app grow and develop and incorporate a lot that the community wanted to see. Having that been said it's gotten way way too complicated. There are literally too many things to go over. You need to focus on least amount of background processing to get people music That's what your app is for getting people music. I don't want to be delayed by seeing new upcoming artists new suggested playlist stations any of this. Pandora should be about the music. Use that as your tagline about the music. Just streamline think of how complicated we've gotten past the iPod. I still yearn for the days of just getting music when I want music and let's distractions. There are far too many distractions out there. Please huddle up and try to streamline how to get people music when they click your app. I feel like every 30 minutes Pandora has to reset and I have to click back on the app to keep going That's a specific. When loading playlist it tries to tell me that there's all these black squares with a blue new logo which don't ever load and when I go to click on a playlist it reshuffles and loads right as I'm clicking and I have to spend ten seconds just to click. That is all for this rant I'll be back

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