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Promoting Music on Pandora Community?



I am new to Pandora Community and have a few questions about promoting music on Pandora Community:

  1. Is there a specific section or thread on Pandora Community for Music Artists to promote their own original music?
  2. If yes, can links to their album(s) on Pandora be posted in these specific Pandora Community threads?
  3. If yes, can external links to these same albums be posted in these specific Pandora Community threads?
  4. If yes, are their specific guidelines for promoting music on Pandora Community?
  5. Or, is promoting music not allowed on Pandora Community?

Thanks in advance,  Andreuz

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Andreuz-Music. 👋

Thanks so much for joining the Pandora Community! I moved your post over to Community Chat to keep the space organized.
Artists can share their music in the Playlist Swap section of the community. You can share a link to your music on the Pandora platform, not from any external sources / platforms.
As a new community member, feel free to check out our Community Guidelines here.
Hope this information is helpful. See ya around the community  🎧
Alyssa | Community Manager
Let's talk music in Community Chat
Share yours here: Q: What's the last movie or tv series you watched?

Welcome to Pandora @Andreuz-Music. Just a suggestion. I have several different playlist and some of the songs that I have added to those playlist have come from the Community. So when you get some spare time check out the suggestions from within the Pandora Community. Take care and stay safe.