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Q: Are there any underrated artists that deserve more recognition?



Discovering hidden gems in music can be so rewarding. Tell us about an artist who's not in the mainstream spotlight but deserves recognition and should be on our playlists. ⤵️

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Local Performer

I recently came across a rapper named @rayyjayy

his music is very experimental for me, but it sounds like it could be played on the radio! 


its crazy nobody knows him

Opening Act

Just found this dude....very original sounding piano jazz and original sounding piano to boot.


He has a cool mix of dance of sugar plum fairy which is how I found him through an FB share. Worth checking out, very original styling on that classic. It's at YT, not sure it's released. If you like Polyphia you might enjoy this jazz slant on piano style as well. I wonder why they are doing this style of fast arpeggios and runs in this way all of a sudden. I guess they are trying to stay current with more traditional instruments. Anyway it works well for this artist.


To me I don't think Twenty One Pilots gets enough Recognition. They don't have one bad song. Tyler Joseph the lead singer started writing his most emotional music in his basement in his high school years.

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Some evocative mood setting material. Amazing this composer has released several dozen albums of this style stuff.
Vicki DeLor


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Peter White...There is a smooth soothing jazz thing happening for a bit. This person is a master at it along with some others. One of the albums I'm working on is inspired by this kind of music. Essentially, the style brings musicianship back into the spotlight. So you hear backings with frequent soloing from different kinds of players. I created a playlist of this genre as well, it's very much like the weather channel.  Here is Peter's work, he is a guitarist.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for consistently sharing underrated artists - I'll definitely be checking out your suggestions. I'm always looking for music to add to my collection, @CMDess. 👍

Alyssa | Community Manager
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The Rippingtons - A sort of pop jazz world mix, very well produced. They are instrumentals from some of the top guitarists, saxophonists etc...Brains behind them Russ Freeman. This is such an incredible piece of music of many.

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jell roll and david kashenr





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good band the lead guy actually plays vecna in stranger things