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Q: What are your favorite podcast genres / topics?



Let us know what podcasts and topics you're tuned into 🎙 ⤵️


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Community Manager
Community Manager

My favorite podcast topic right now is Reality TV (I love Bravo) 🙊 I used to listen to a lot of True Crime podcasts but realized that I needed something less heavy and a bit more lighthearted. 

Podcasts I'm enjoying right now include:

  • Reality with the King by Carlos King
  • Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

I also enjoy NPR pods. The production of their podcasts is done really well and they tend to be easy listens. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Community Manager
Community Manager

@AlyssaPandora I agree I usually need something a little more lighthearted if I'm going to tune into a podcast.

I typically listen when driving, as they especially help pass the time when stuck in traffic. 😐

My favorite podcast topics include sports, music, and entertainment.

Here are some that I'm currently listening to:

Diamond in the Rough

None I have never listened to any podcasts for me it's all about music.

Local Performer

Historical and mythological. But I really love all things to do with the Holocaust. More specifically the dark psychology that blanketed all mid century European culture. WW2 and the Holocaust in particular are the best examples of cognitive dissonance in modern history.