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The Pandora Daily Playlist

On the Rise

Some ideas prove to be great, some prove to be really bad. lol. I guess I am about to find out which one this is. lol. One of my frustrations currently with Pandora is the number of Playlists that for all practical purposes are just dead. They are no longer updated or updated so few and far between that there isn’t any reason to follow them. I can complain or I can offer a solution for anyone who may actually be interested. Let me introduce you to the Pandora Daily Playlist.  I have created a playlist that will at a minimum be updated once a day. It will be a playlist that will be changing frequently and featuring all genres and styles of music. Some days it may focus on one genre. Some days it may focus on a particular artist or album. Everyday will be a musical adventure. You never know what you will find but it should be interesting and fun. If a daily musical adventure sounds interesting to you and you are ok with having your musical horizons expanded and challenged.  Follow the playlist now:

Time will tell if this is a foolish idea but nothing ventured, nothing gained.



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