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This or That: Christmas Edition


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It's almost Christmas! Share your favorites this holiday season. 🎄

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Woohoo, my favorite game is back! 🎅🎄

Here are my picks:

🎁 Decorate the tree

🎁 Christmas cookies

🎁 Christmas music

🎁 Christmas lunch AND dinner (my family always hangs out all day, so we start with lunch and stay through dinner)

🎁 Gifts in the morning

🎁 White lights

🎁 Real tree! (although I got a fake one this year 😢)

🎁 Sledding

🎁 Bake cookies

🎁 Hot cocoa! 

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Whew, this was tough:


❄️Decorate the tree

❄️Christmas cookies

❄️Christmas music

❄️Christmas lunch

❄️Gifts in the morning

❄️White lights

❄️Artificial tree 🤷‍♂️

❄️Ice skating

❄️Bake cookies

❄️Egg nog

Pandora Moderator - Emeritus
Pandora Moderator - Emeritus

Love these types of games! Let's go!

🎅Make a snowman ☃️

🎅Christmas cookies 🍪

🎅Christmas Music 🎶

🎅Christmas Dinner 

🎅Gifts at Night (specifically Christmas eve) 🎁

🎅Colored Lights 🚥

🎅Real Tree 🎄


🎅Bake Cookies 🍪

🎅Hot Cocoa


Gerald | Community Moderator
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Theyre all my favrit also idk how to play the game


@Abbyj I'm happy to help explain!

Think of it as the left column list vs. the right column list - you look at each column, and then select which one you like better!

For example the first one is Decorate the tree vs. Make a snowman.

My choice was Decorate the tree.

Continue down the list while making your favorite choices.

Looking forward to seeing your picks!


Thank u for the help @AdamPandora



Make a Snowman...

Christmas Cookies...

Christmas Music & Christmas Movies...

Christmas Dinner...

Gifts In The Morning...

Colored Lights & White Lights...

Real Tree...

Snow Sledding & Ice Skating...

Baking cookies & Just Baking... I love to cook...

Egg Nogg & Hot Cocoa...

Have a blessed Christmas...Take care and GOD bless...




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These are my FAVORITE part of the @Pandora community!

1. Decorate the tree! It does not snow enough in Louisiana for an actual snowman (like you see in the movies)

2. Christmas cookies with CRUSHED candy canes on top! (How do you like that? I used both!) Seriously, though, COOKIES! Just like Santa. 🤰

3. Christmas movie! I just watched Christmas with the Kranks and Deck the Halls. Nothing like cheesy Christmas movies.

4. My mama has food finished early on Christmas Day! Christmas lunch, which turns into an afternoon snack, which turns into dinner.

5. Gifts at night! But if they're from Santa, morning ONLY.

6. Colored lights! White lights seem too boujee.

7. Artificial tree! Same, easy tree each year!

8. I have never done either one, but I would choose sledding over ice skating!

9. More cookies? YES, PLEASE!

10. Eggnog (no whiskey these days, though, now that I'm sober -- my mama has my grandmother's recipe, which was amazing!)

Pandora Moderator - Emeritus
Pandora Moderator - Emeritus

Great choices @MOHLovesAlaska & @Listener001!

Love to hear you're different/similar preferences! @Listener001 love the movie "Deck the Halls"!

Happy Holidays yall! 🎅🎄

Gerald | Community Moderator
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Opening Act

🎄Decorate the tree 

🍪Christmas cookies 

🎶Christmas music 

️ Both! I enjoy Christmas lunch and dinner

🎁 Gifts in the morning  - nothing like opening them on Christmas morning

💡White lights for the tree and outside with colorful decorations 

🎄Both! I love the smell of a real tree and the ease of an artificial tree

❄️Sledding - reminds me of my childhood 

🎂Bake cookies and alllll the desserts 

️ Both! I like hot eggnog lattes and hot cocoa

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! 



@MOHLovesAlaska @Listener001 Thanks so much for sharing your choices as always.

I hope the two of you have an amazing holiday weekend! 🎄


@sundaysinjuly It's been a while since you've made an appearance on the Community - thanks so much for sharing your picks with us. 😎

Happy holidays! ☃️🎄

Opening Act

Decorate the tree

Candy Canes

Christmas Movie

Christmas Dinner

Gifts in the morning

Colored lights

Artificial tree


Bake cookies

Hot cocoa

Pandora Moderator - Emeritus
Pandora Moderator - Emeritus

Thank you @Ally05 for sharing your preference and participating in this challenge! I hope that you ate lots of baked goods accompanied by hot coca during the holidays.

Wishing everyone a happy New Year and hoped that everyone had a great holiday season!

Gerald | Community Moderator
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