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Weird facts about yourself

Diamond in the Rough

Hello everyone!

We all have weird facts about ourselves. Even if it occurs in every human or is very rare! You can have multiple or just one. Either way, ya’ll are perfect just the way you are. 
Starting with me:

• I have a very long tongue 

• I have parents that are 6’3 (father) 5’10 (mother), and I am 7’1

• I am always hungry 

• I was born in Japan, but have DNA from Norway 61%, Great Britain 19%, Canadian 10%, African American 8%, Latino 2%. 
Feel free to ask questions and comment! I can’t wait to see the results!

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@Itsdemondeer, great stuff. Interesting to say the least. This is what I know about me, and my family.

  • My Grandfather was born in 1881 in Bethlehem Israel (moms dad)
  • My Grandmother, her parents were Dutch and Welch. (moms mom) 
  • My Grandfather American Indian (Mohawk) (my dad's dad)
  • My Grandmother Irish and German (her mom Dublin area, her dad somewhere near Stuttgart)
  • There were 40 years between my Grandmother and Grandfather. (I know, mind-blowing) (my moms' parents).
  • My Grandparents owned and operated a dairy farm here in upstate N.Y. from the early '40s until the late 1970s. (my moms' parents).
  • My dad was a Vietnam Vet, he and my mom met when he was on leave. 
  • My mom is 5'2 my dad was 5'10 
  • I am 6'1, the tallest of all my siblings. The shortest is my brother, Mark 5'6. 
  • I have 12 siblings, 13 including myself (With the passing of my brother Donnie in 2019, back to 12) 
  • From oldest to youngest I am 6th 
  • I wear a size 14 double E boot, 
  • My brother Donnie had the highest IQ out of all our siblings, he was in the 150 range. I'm third at 127. 
  • My dad was 101 First Airborne Infantry, my oldest brother David was a squad commander for a tank division in Germany with the U.S Army. My brother Jason was in the U.S Marine Corps as an Aviation Mechanic. I was in the U. S Army/National Guard. 
  • I attended College at HCCC. 
  • I went to New Horizons IT tech school for 6 months
  • My favorite occupation was Logging, the best job in the world. Nothing compares to being in the woods and seeing nature in all of its beauty and constant change. Especially in the winter. 
  • Favorite time of year "WINTER" I love it. 
  • I am a Born again Christian (11/23/2008/1:50 pm) (Which means I believe in the birth, the death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ). Not at all popular these days. Especially in most third-world countries. I would rather be in favor of GOD than man. Even if that means I am hated by men. 

Thanks for sharing, take care and stay safe.