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What podcast have you gotten lost in ?

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So we've all probably been  looking at podcast nowadays and stumbled across a couple. And we've probably  found ourselves actually lost in a few. A few podcasts i've gotten lost in  would be ¨The Moth¨ or  ¨Two Princes¨. Both of these podcast are story telling podcast except one of them is fiction and one of them is nonfiction. I've found myself listening to these podcast almost everyday for hours at a time. Which unfortunately has resulted into me missing or coming late to a zoom class for school but it was worth it.  

 I got this idea after seeing @ROCKaholic  post about  ¨What's your ¨guilty pleasure¨ station?¨


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@Listener001  great post, as far as podcasts goes, well I have only listened to two. One is Celtic music, the other is a comedy by the @YeahYeahYeahPod, they are pretty good, they do a lot of cursing, that is all the podcast I have listened to. Take care and stay safe. 



You know I really appreciate your feedback. I just want to know what I can improve on because there is always something to improve on. Thank you so much for letting me know The first couple of episodes I needed to do a better job editing. I am going back and editing some of the cursings out of the episodes. I know what you are talking about. Thank you so much!

@YeahYeahYeahPod  you guy's are pretty good. I like your stories, they are real with humor. It's original, not staged. I wouldn't change anything. Just stay yourself, it is what I have liked thus far. As far as the cursing goes, well it is your podcast. You just may want to give warning for others in case there may be little ears around. Take care and stay safe. 



Absolutely! This podcast is explicit, yes, but the cursing is a lot at times. I won't change our humor or anything. I just need to focus on editing out the multiple curse words. It does mean a lot you telling me this. Unfortunately, I asked for some feedback, but it has been quiet. So thank you @MOHLovesAlaska for telling me!!