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What's really going on?!?

Local Performer

Hey you guys... what is for dinner 🥣 just wanted to get invited to your dinner maybe. Oops 


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@Sscottss What's up? I just recently made ham & cheese omelettes. They were delicious. If you were here I SC I'd of gladly welcomed you for an omelette. Peace! ✌

@Sscottss well last night this is what I made,  OIP (1).jpg and for tonight this is what I made...OIP (2).jpg and as far as tomorrow goes, well I'm thinking about making a breakfast meal with hashbrowns, eggs, maple brown breakfast sausages with mild cheddar cheese. Take care and stay safe. 


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Community Manager

@MOHLovesAlaska That looks SOOOO GOOD. I think I will get a burger for dinner today now. 😁🍔

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thanks for the reply...still working out how to be a contributing member of
society...hope all is well with you I seem to be doing a 2 steps forward 1
step back pace on trying to live better. 🤓😜