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Why was my idea marked as spam?

On the Rise

I posted a new idea in 'ideas' and it said that it was marked as spam and then it disappeared. I have looked around for it but it is like I never wrote it. What happened?

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@Speedcuber Good evening dear friend, did you try to refresh your browser after you posted? Sometimes when posting you need to refresh your browser, not all the time but sometimes you have to do a refresh. Try that and then if you still do not see it try and resubmit your idea, and then if you still are unsuccessful type in the bar at the top of the Pandora page to see if it is a duplicate of an idea someone else has already submitted. Wish you the best...

Take care and GOD bless...


On the Rise

Thanks you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Speedcuber Sorry about that. I do see your post got caught in our spam filter.

I was able to fix it for you and your feedback is now posted in the Ideas space.

Hope this helps!