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Desktop: 800 Thumbs Up Show in Profile

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Here's an issue that I believe I've touched on before but I was able to get some more screenshots this time.

I noticed the song below showed up without a thumbs up. You can see this same song in my other posts. I know for a fact that I've given it a thumbs up before. My assumption is that it was within a different station than the one it popped up in when this screenshot was taken.

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So, what I decided to do was log into the browser version of Pandora on the web. As you can see in the screenshot below, my thumbs up shows as 800. I know that's not right because I have over 1,000 showing in the mobile app.

Anyways... I scrolled through those 800 songs until I found the song in question above. I found it in my listing of thumbs up songs, as shown below. It was way down the list.



I then went back to the mobile app and gave the song a thumbs up. After doing this, I logged back into the web. This song now appears at the top of the thumbs up song list. So, I know the system recognizes the fact that I gave it a thumbs up. What didn't change was the number of songs that show thumbs up. It still shows as 800, which makes me wonder if the 800 represents unique songs... in other words, it's not counting duplicates. 

Pneuma 2.jpg


I decided to try a new song that I have never given a thumbs up before.
The song shown below is not something I'd normally listen to. It popped up with no thumb so I gave it a thumbs up. I then went back to my profile on the web to see if it bumped up to 801. It did not change. Not only did it not change, the song that I just gave a thumbs up is not listed in my thumbs up song listing.

One thing I'll add - My thumbs up number within the mobile app did jump up. It shows 1,059 on it where it did not show that many before giving these songs a thumbs up.

Before and After Below


Thumbs up still at 800. I can see a couple new songs that I gave a thumbs up since the Pneuma song was given a thumbs up but not this new song.

Screenshot 2023-05-12 065045.jpg



Hope all that helps


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Gtrtim112 I'm happy to address your questions.

Thumbs Up not highlighted when listening to Shuffle:

What you expressed is true - thumb ratings are station specific, so that track was likely given a Thumbs Up on a different station than the one it played from when listening in Shuffle Mode.


Only 800 Thumbs are recorded on desktop, and a higher number is displayed on mobile:

We recently made a change to limit the number of thumbs displayed in your Profile from the web and mobile devices so the Thumbs up count may not match the total number on your account.

This would also explain why the number thumbs up (showing in your profile) on your mobile device do not match the number of thumbs up showing on your computer.

If you'd like to review your Thumbs in greater detail, you can find them in each stations backstage page or in your My Thumbs Up Playlist.

I personally would lean towards looking at your My Thumbs Up playlist if you are searching for a place where all of your Thumbed Up tracks across station exists. Any track you Thumbs Up across your stations will automatically get added to that playlist.

In the meantime, I've also made sure to pass along your feedback.

Hope this helps!

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Hey @AdamPandora 

Yes, all that makes sense. It might help if the number of thumbs up within the app and the web both total correctly. This would clear some confusion. I'd probably take a step further and display the total tracks along with the number of unique tracks. 

Something that I still don't understand is why some tracks are not showing in the thumbs up track listing on the web and some are. For example, the song Unstoppable by Sia, which is pictured above in my original post, still does not show as being a thumbs up track on the web. If I view it within the mobile app, it's listed, though. So, I know the app recognized the thumbs up but the web did not.

Below is a screenshot of the top 7 songs listed in my thumbs up track listing on the web. Notice that Pneuma is there 3 times, each from a different station, which makes sense but the Unstoppable song isn't listed. What's even more strange to me is that the song Stuck by Thirty Seconds To Mars is listed at the top. I liked that song several days after liking the Unstoppable song. So, the web is updating but not always. I think the question would be why? Why does it see some of the thumbs up given in the mobile device but not all of them?

And of course the number of thumbs up stays stuck at 800 on the web. The app appears to be updating correctly there. I just liked a song and it ticked up by 1. I'm at 1,545 on the app.


I highlighted the Edwin McCain radio just because I found it odd that it would play Tool within that station. For most of my stations, I'll add some artists that are similar. For example, for my Edwin McCain station, I might would add Train and Sister Hazel. If I play the Edwin McCain radio by itself, I would not expect to hear Tool.

I know that's a whole different conversation... just wanted to point it out.



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