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Desktop: Chrome and Desktop App for Mac

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I'm writing this because I am getting pretty fed up with Pandora's inability to fix basic issues that many users seem to be having. The following issues have been going on for years! Yet, nothing seems to be done to fix it. Everything is a workaround. I don't understand it and would like to know if I'm the only one and if Pandora is doing anything to fix it rather just offer a workaround. Here are just a few issues I've been living with for years:

1. Pandora and Chrome don't work together. If I'm Playing Pandora with Chrome all other tabs or windows freeze and won't work. As soon as I close the Pandora window/tab, everything starts working normally again.

2. If I use the downloadable Pandora app, that app will freeze and stop working and say poor network connection just like in Chrome. 

3. The fact that you have to scroll down just to see what station a song is coming from when you shuffle stations is ridiculous. Why would I have to scroll down? There have been times when there wasn't enough to scroll down to in order for it to show the station at all. Makes no sense.

I'm sure Pandora has a team of engineers that should be working on resolving these problems. These issues have been going on for years and still nothing. What makes me annoyed about it is that I'm paying for this service and have been a user for a long time. There are certain things Pandora can do that Spotify can't, such as shuffle stations which is why I stay. But I would leave in a heartbeat if Spotify offered that option because Pandora doesn't seem to care about fixing problems with their service.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@csfree12 Nice to see you around the community.

Pandora on Chrome causes other tabs to freeze:

You should be able to stream Pandora on Chrome without the issue of other tabs freezing.

I recommend running through the following troubleshooting steps to see if we can resolve that: Chrome Troubleshooting

Poor network connection error with desktop app & Chrome:

I do see you commented on a previous thread we had open regarding this issue: Web: "Poor Network Connection" Error (05/17/22)

Can you please let me know if you are using a Mac or Windows computer?

Additionally, can you provide me with a screenshot of the error message you're seeing?

Thanks for working with me on this.

Viewing what station is playing on shuffle:

We appreciate your feedback regarding this experience. 

I recommend creating a new thread in our Ideas space if you'd like to see a change to the way we currently have this set up.

This will give others around the community a chance to upvote your idea if it's something they'd like to see added as well.

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