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HTTPS Website Security

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I have noticed that on the free web version Panda's connection is not fully secure. Now I don't know if just me or Pandora doesn't support it. I would feel better if they could make it secure. I'm pretty sure, not 100% but I remember it use to be secure. I know it might be a lot of hassle for a free website because it costs to host a secure website. I just feel it's a little thing that would help make the site and users (feel) better. Sorry for the hassle but someone had to bring it up.


Screen shotScreen shot Here is the screenshot of the link, ignore the other slide. Forgot to close it lol.



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Hey there, @hayman1681. 👋

While we've always encrypted credit card details and passwords, we are happy to share that we've added the same level of security to our entire website by transitioning to HTTPS.

The Pandora website can be accessed using this link:


Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 7.31.06 AM.png


Hope this information is helpful.

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