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How to multiple delete stations at a time

Local Performer

Just spent almost an hour to get rid of all the Holiday stations my wife had added late last year. Apparently, the only way to delete stations is to do this 1-station-at-a-time? That is really "inefficient" (politely stated!). Please (please!!) enable a simple UI where I can mark all stations I want to delete (a list-of-stations), so I don't have to go through this painful (reminiscent of early 80's UI!) process again.


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Hi there, @MusicOK. 👋

Nice to see you around the community space.

I completely understand where you're coming from. At this time, bulk deletion is not a feature of Pandora. Another community member has created a feature request that you may be interested in upvoting here: Bulk Add / Edit / Delete Content (Stations, Playlists, Thumbs) 

To upvote an idea, click on the 💙icon next to the title of the suggestion. 

Hope this info is helpful. 🎧



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Local Performer

I believe if we are paying 12.99 a month for PREMIUM service this should be a feature. Otherwise it becomes a hassle to listen to music from stations that are currently our favs.