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Wireless Pandora Remote Control from Google Chrome laptops?

Diamond in the Rough

I have some nice stereo sound hooked to my old desktop, OS7 (Bose), but I want to be able to control my stations playing on the desktop to in a different place on a laptop while I'm working with Google Chrome. Is there anyway I can do that? Also, we will probably be getting another Google Chrome laptop to replace the desktop. Is there any advice about this, such as features I must have, or is it impossible altogether?  Is it possible to control Pandora remotely in anyway, such as thumbing and changing different songs/stations on different stations on a different computer, such as through a wireless router? Could this be done if I make it a network? I am not sure if I can make a network with Google Chrome anyway? Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey there, @MusicIsForever. 👋

Unfortunately, this is not currently a feature of Pandora.

However, if you'd like to see this ability to control Pandora remotely, feel free to create a feature request here

Make sure to upvote your idea by searching for the title of your suggestion, and clicking on the ❤️icon next to it. You can also click on the ❤️icon to upvote other ideas that you may be interested in.

Thanks so much for posting on the community! 🎹

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Diamond in the Rough

Thank you for the prompt response.