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how to change mode on Mac desktop app

Local Performer

I've changed the mode for my station to "newly released" on pandora via Chrome browser, but it's not reflected when I open the same station on my pandora one Mac desktop app. How can I make it work there? thanks.

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Hey, @mizzimbra. 👋

At this time Pandora Modes are only available on our website and mobile devices.

Keep in mind that if you Thumb using while listening to a Pandora Mode from the web or mobile app, your Thumbs will carry over to your other devices.

In other words, if you give a Thumbs Up  👍 while listening in Newly Released mode on the web, your station will learn that you want more New Music on that station, and you should see more new music across all of your devices.


We do have an existing feature request here for listeners who would like to see modes in other devices.

You can upvote this idea by clicking on the ❤️icon next to the title of the suggestion on the main Feature Request page.

Thanks so much for posting on the community! 🎧

Alyssa | Community Moderator
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