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Double or triple thumbs up

Double or triple thumbs up

Status: Open Ideas

I would love if it there was such a thing as a double or triple thumbs up for songs!  For some songs, a single thumbs up doesn't adequately express how much I love a song!

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @kchuray  Welcome to community! Thanks for the great suggestion! 

Diamond in the Rough

This sounds like a good idea. Double thumbs-up your favourite, and single thumbs-up those you like enough to have on your station and hear similar songs. This can also with newly created stations, if you hear a song by an artist that you like - but not that particular song, and you don't wish to add the artist as a station seed.

Maybe also soft thumbs-up for songs you wanna hear on a particular station, but not on your Thumbprint Radio or your My Thumbs Up playlist. This can help if you, say, like sounds effects or ambient stuff - which doesn't quite fit in with your more "traditional" music stuff.

Such as, for me, bird sounds and spooky sounds don't quite fit in with rock and blues.


Yes, somethign needs to change with the thumbs up algorithm.

The way it is now its worthless, I cannot thumbs up anything without hearing it every time I play a station, sometimes multiple times in the same day. I've had to remove all my thumbs ups and no longer use them.