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Ideas: Ability to change colors on Now Playing screen

Ideas: Ability to change colors on Now Playing screen

Diamond in the Rough
Status: Open Ideas

I’d like to have the ability to change the colors / skin on the now playing screen -- especially if the color is too bright or not to my liking. It would be nice if we could choose the color or have the option to let it change as we listen.

Local Performer

Can you please change the color back to black?  My eyes are too sensitive to the changing colors.  My subscription cancelled because the cc on file had expired & it was a black background but now that I've resubscribed, it's all these bright obnoxious colors that I can't tolerate, especially when I have a headache.  Please change back to black for me or tell me how to do it myself.  Thank you!

Local Performer

I'd love to be able to specify I don't want any background at all. The site theme is fine, but for some reason one of my stations likes this awful bright magenta (#DE75DE) that just melts my eyes.

Opening Act

The more options and customizability, the better.


Yea I just got Pandora Premium (trial), and the colors are very annoying. I have get migraines and can't deal with some of these colors.

I don't know why half of the interface changed when I switched to premium. Even the app on my phone is more difficult to navigate. I never had any issues with the interface on the free version of Pandora. I would love to have Pandora Premium with the exact same interface/color scheme of the free version.

I really don't mind paying the money for premium when the trial runs out if this issue can be resolved.


I'm using 60 day trial of Pandora Premium. I don't know why the interface is different than the free version. I liked everything about the free version except the commercials. The color schemes are really obnoxious. The user should have control of it, or just put it back to the free version's color. I've seen others mention it.

Also the stations aren't on the left hand side of the now playing page. It's not a major issue, but I don't understand why that is. It makes the app more difficult to use when you are paying for it. There are other things I've noticed on my phone, but I haven't used it enough yet.

I guess the point of this post is, people pay to not listen to commercials, the ability to skip/download/create playlists, not to have a "cool new layout."

Local Performer

Adding my voice to the 'choose your own color' camp--I would be far more likely to use Pandora on my TV as the background music to parties if we weren't visually assaulted by eye-strain blue.  My friends love my Pandora stations and having the song title and artists listed on a backdrop that suits the party theme color would elevate the experience for everyone.  Currently I just stream to my speakers from my phone so I can leave my TV displaying art that matches the party theme.  I'm considering changing to a competitor that uses black as the default player color.  Customization options would give Pandora a leg up over that competitor, as I see on forums people are requesting the ability to customize there as well.  

Local Performer

There have to be way more than 100 people who agree with this. Pandora has been amazing up until I upgraded to Premium and the colors went EXTREME. Why don't we have the option to go back to the blue? Or black? Or anything other than the weirdest color from the artwork? The text is almost invisible on quite a few of the colors, and then there's the serious eye strain on others.  Why did you do this to us Pandora? You were doing so good!

To anyone who also can't stand the new colors:


I hope they listen/read this forum...???

Local Performer

This seems like a very simple feature to implement. Especially since they are already going crazy with the color swapping. I bet it would take a developer less than half a days work. Why does this seem to not be getting traction?


Yea seriously. And it wasn't an issue with the free version, so they already have the basic color template ready to go.  It's so freaking obnoxious. Might seem crazy, but for those of us who get migraines and have light sensitivities it's yuuuuge (DJT)

Local Performer

I concur with this suggestion.  A simple on/off switch in the settings would be great.  The random super bright colors like yellow have literally triggered headaches. 10+ years with multiple years of multiple levels of subscriptions and honestly, this stupid, easily fixed issue may be the thing that causes Pandora to lose me as a customer.