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Ideas: Ability to view billing history

Ideas: Ability to view billing history

Status: Open Ideas

You know what would be cool? If I could print a receipt from my account like every other online subscription service in the history of ever. 

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Please Note: This thread is an Ideas post, specifically, the ability to view your billing history. If you would like to this feature for Pandora, click on the heart ❤️ to cast your vote.

If you would like to request a receipt, please visit the following threads for further help:

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Local Performer

print receipt is still not an option??  Or how about just emailing it as soon as you charged us? 

Local Performer

Please Pandora! I'm about to cancel my service because I have to reconcile my business CC every month and deal with this. This is not a big ask. Thank you.

Local Performer

There is a clear need for emailed printable receipts.  I spent 1/2 hour today trying to find where this is in my account preferences followed by more time with customer service.  Apparently it is not an option. How is it that you can send an email notifying me that my subscription will renew and be charged to my credit card, but you cannot provide a receipt?  Maybe it's too simple and obvious? 

Local Performer

I don't understand why you can automatically take my money yet you can't provide me with a receipt without contacting you.  Pandora......I love all other aspects of your service.  Why can't you be like every other music service provider I have and enable a "feature" so I can pull my own invoice....just as easily as you pull my cash.

Local Performer

@TannerPandora  Hello, Can you connect me with support so that I can get receipts for each of the months I have been billed in 2020? 


Local Performer

Is there seriously not a way to do this still? this ticket was opened in September of 2019!

I may be forced to switch to another service simply because I can't easily share invoices for my company to pay for.

Local Performer

I need a receipt for expense reporting. Why isn't this a thing???

Local Performer

I guess Pandora doesn't want businesses to use their services because for a business you need receipts for every single penny spent. Any business owner who has ever been audited can attest for to this. I have never seen any place of business online or otherwise who wont provide receipts for money spent and services rendered. Pandora has a great product, platform, and brand, but not offering a simple receipt gives an impression of lack of basic infrastructure. I know this seems harsh, but I'm tried of writing an expense explanation for our accountant each month for just a internet radio service.  

Local Performer

PLEASE add the ability to print/email/retrieve somehow my receipts!

Local Performer

I actually "need" a receipt to satisfy the expense for my company. Not having one is a mess of paperwork and explanations, so much so, I may need to terminate my account and move to a streaming service that provides one for accountability reasons.