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Ideas: Add an equalizer

Ideas: Add an equalizer

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I would love it if there was an equalizer that had at least 10 bands

And as an added bonus an EPICENTER its an electronic device made by Audiocontrol. I think with some good programmers  can make a version similar. What it does is elongate or extends the bass. Basically adds flavor to the music. Just add the 3 knobs under or next to the equalizer. 

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Hi @Djrichsounds!

Thanks for your post!

We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that.

Thanks for being a part of our Community!

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I’m looking to tweak and equalize the output in the APP in my car. Is there an EQ setting rather than selecting high performance?

Maybe Pandora can have a separate app or internal settings for EQ



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It would be really nice if there was some sort of Equalizer for the Windows Pandora App. There are Windows 3rd Party Equalizers available for download, but the restriction I'm coming across is that they don't accommodate for the Windows Pandora App. In order to utilize a 3rd Party Equalizer, I must play the music through the web browser which renders the Windows Pandora App useless.

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You need an equalizer. i'm listening to this with a decent pair of earbuds and the experience is less than optimal.  Sounds like a radio from the 70s