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Ideas: Add custom album art on stations & playlist

Ideas: Add custom album art on stations & playlist

Status: Open Ideas

Does anybody know if the Playlist Screen allows for customization i.e. using your own photos as the music plays?

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I agree this should be made easier. But it IS possible to change the cover art. In the "Station Created From" list, the item at the top of the list is what your station uses as the cover art. All you need to do is make sure the item with the art that you want is the highest in the list. Since you cannot change the order of the list, you need to remove the items that are above the one you want, and then add them back to the list (using "Add Variety"). I don't know if this also affects the playlist algorithm.

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While it is possible, I would like to add a custom cover art. I don’t think this is asking too much for a custom station.

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I'm commenting so this thread stays open.

I don't read my station titles, I use the artwork to find my stations.  But Pandora keeps changing the album cover on my stations.  I'll fix it, if you'll let me, but it seems you won't.  I don't care about uploading my custom art.  I'll pick an album cover if you'll let me ... just quit changing my art, and let me pick better art than what your computer assigns for me!

BTW ... your customer feedback form only allows 500 characters for feedback.  That's a load of BS!  If you don't care about your customers' opinions, why do you ask for feedback?

Opening Act

The cover art for my Laid Back Morning Radio changed from Norah Jones to Fleetwood Mac. The Norah Jones thumbnail caught my eye and she's featured regularly in my rotation. I'm not a Fleetwood Mac fan and I'd probably hit skip if they showed up. Also, the thumbnail switched from a predominantly dark color scheme to mostly white. I'm looking for a new image that I don't associate with my station.

I would like to be able to pick cover art that's meaningful for me and keep that image so I can easily find it when scanning a long list. Others in this thread have also commented on thumbnails switching to an artist they don't listen to on that station.

Option one is let users visit an album and bring up "Assign Album Art to Playlist" and "Assign Album Art to Station." That's probably the more straightforward approach. Second option is to let users also import their own art and make their shareable stations more memorable. I have some images I'd love to use for a playlist instead of the checkerboards.

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This honestly is the only thing that makes me want to switch back to another platform. I miss being able to customize my playlists with a theme. 

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Please, please , please add the option to change the pic. Even if is just a random change, it would be better to have some kind of choice. My station plays mostly urban groove and jazz, but has a pic of one of the white artists and it doesn't really seem to represent. 


Develop capability for users to change artwork for their stations and playlists by uploading an image.


...and that's one more reason spotify is better than pandora. You can change the cover image of any playlist or station to anything you want. There's a reason spotify is rated the number one streaming music service on any site you go to. Ditch pandora and go with spotify. Use a music locker service to transfer all your stations and playlists over and never look back.

Diamond in the Rough

love this idea! i would absolutely enjoy having the ability to change to album art for playlists specifically. 

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@spookymyo but I only pay $4.99 for Pandora, and for $5 it's good enough I guess.