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Ideas: Allow for VPN

Ideas: Allow for VPN

Status: Open Ideas

Dear Folks-

I have Been a Pandora subscriber since 2011.

 I am incensed and alarmed about your recent blocking a VPN addresses.

  My use of a VPN  

a) is none of your business

b) improves BOTH your security and mine.

I urge you, please, to correct this short-sighted move. What does it gain you?

If you must have it, make VPN support a feature for the paid tiers.

Have you looked at r/pandora recently? There are quite a few concerned with this.

My subscription expires in June 2020. I would hate to end a 9-year relationship.

But I will if I have to.


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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the feedback @bab 👍

Local Performer

Dear Pandora,

I have been a happy paying customer for years.

I use a VPN service on all my devices for security and work requirements.

You recently (within the last couple weeks) blocked my Pandora access through the VPN.

This has cost you my subscription, will switch to other music services that do not block my VPN.

Please contact me if you change this blocking feature and I may subscribe again.

Best regards,


Community Manager
Community Manager

@fjrider I moved your message to this existing feature request.

Make sure to give this post a ❤️to express your interest in getting it added as well.

Thanks for being a part of the community! 🎶

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Pandora Team, Please allow me to connect to the Pandora web player via VPN ASAP. I've been a listened for *years*, but now can no longer use Pandora on any of my PCs. And, no... I am *NOT* going to open an exception for *any* app, and it's idiocy for you to ask users (as you've done in other support tickets) to disable core security features like a VPN simply to access the service. Given that you have *many* other competitors at this point, your reasoning behind making changes that result in actually making it *harder* for people to listen are.. baffling. Fix this. Now, please. Or you'll lose me to any one of the other services I'm a member of. Seriously... this is stupid.

Is this why Pandora doesn't work on my phone? 

This is really really obnoxious, if true. 

Local Performer

I would also like to add that not being able to use Pandora Web via a VPN is a big turnoff that I just discovered, especially since I'm a paying customer.  This is not an issue for competitors.  I'm significantly annoyed by this, and am likely going to cancel my subscription as a result.

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I am a Pandora Premium subscriber.  I use NordVPN on a Windows 10 PC, and the Pandora desktop app.  This week I began experiencing connection failures "Incorrect username or password".  I uninstalled and re-installed the Pandora desktop app several times, no difference.  I got the same result trying to log in to Pandora via my browsers (Chrome and Egde).  I disconnected VPN, and logged in with no issues from both the app and the browser, so clearly Pandora is now blocking VPN connections.

I resume the VPN connection after I connect to Pandora; have sent a question to NordVPN to inquire whether the existing Pandora session remains unprotected by VPN.  I suspect that's the case, but need to confirm via someone who knows more about VPN protocols better than I do.  

Strangely enough, I have no problem connecting to Pandora via my Android phone, which has Outlook running VPN continuously.  

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Still an issue. I've been a pandora subscriber since its inception and just canceled my premium membership. Been defending Pandora for years to friends but I'm officially done. Incredibly disappointed.

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It seems Pandora is only interested in:

1) profit

2) selling data


i think with a VPN they can’t sell your data. That is the only reason I can think of. Everyone else allows VPN. The ‘outside country’ reason is ridiculous and will prob be ending in the near future anyway. 



I don't think it's selling data.  I really think it's that with VPN, they don't believe they can enforce geo-blocking.  Despite other services having ways of dealing with that, I think they're taking a hammer to try and fix a circuit board.  They may be able to remove a tool that allows geo-blocking bypass, but do it at the cost of those who wouldn't fall afoul of geo-blocking anyway.  I don't use VPN all day because that's what I want; it's the choice of my employer.

As for profit, unless they fix this they will lose my continued investment in their service after 12 years of being a customer.