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Ideas: App for Android Automotive (AAOS/Google Built In)

Ideas: App for Android Automotive (AAOS/Google Built In)

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora seems to have an app for every smart device I have ever bought, except a new car with AAOS (Android Automotive OS).  Please port a tablet version of Pandora for AAOS so that I can use that instead of radio or Spotify (which does have an app). 

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @Irishska! Thanks for posting to FR!

We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that. Don't forget to vote on the ideas you'd like to see on Pandora.

Thanks for being a part of our Community!

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yes please - such a bummer no to have a native pandora app for google automotive. I may have to change services come august when my annual renewal is due if there is still no native ap.

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I agree, we need Pandora on Android Automotive.  Other music streaming apps are on the platform, I'd rather not start over with another app, but if I can't get Pandora by the time my subscription renews on 10/10/22, I won't have a choice.

Do you have a link to the Idea, so we can vote on it?

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Adding my support for this request. Just got a car with AAOS and am disappointed that there's no app available. 

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I have a 2022 Chevy Silverado and no Pandora app available. Can use through Apple CarPlay but would rather not. Please let us know if this is being worked on. Thanks!

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Looking at a new Volvo. No native Pandora but there is a Spotify. Do I have to drop my subscription and move to Spotify. I need to know *if* you are going to support AAOS and *when* to see if in the app store.

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Same on my Volvo - I have been loyal to Pandora for over a decade, now have to move to Spotify and start curating radio stations there.

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Please add AAOS support! Been a pandora user for 15 years and don’t want to switch to YouTube or Spotify but really want the native app on my 2023 Volvo. 

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Is there any plan to add the Pandora app on Androis Automotive OS?  If so, what is the timeline?  If not, I will be cancelling Pandora and switching to one of the many services currently on AAOS.

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I recently purchased a Polestar 2, of which Polestar is a sibling brand to Volvo which is also taking the AAOS route. This operating system is fantastic and from my experience as a software developer all that would need to be done to port the Android app to Android Automotive OS is to create something of a tablet interface for it. Pandora already has this interface between it's various operating systems it already supports - please reuse one of those interfaces for AAOS.